Welcome to Camp Chippewa!

Our mission to develop Character through Adventure inspired by Tradition is what started in 1935, and still guides us today.  Growth is at our core. Campers grow physically, emotionally and psychologically over the course of the summer. With our intentional program, guidance and supervision from a quality staff, our empathetic counselors provide your son opportunities to tackle age-appropriate risks, reconnect with our natural surroundings and build that internal map of resiliency, grit and character. From teamwork to self-sufficiency and from crazy fun to silent reflection, your son will live with his head up, away from a screen and engage in eye-to-eye conversations. Camp Chippewa is true Reality. We are privileged to provide time-honored experiences and traditions like no other camp. Growth, challenge, self-confidence, and mastery will take place under the supervision of counselors who are at least 19-years-old and have completed a year of college. We do not use junior counselors or CITs to mentor your son. It is becoming ever-so-clear that camps offer the necessary tools for your son to be successful in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world. Camp Chippewa is an educational experience where the room is a wall of trees, a road of lakes and rivers, and light from the sun and stars. Thank you for discovering Camp Chippewa for Boys.

Prepare for Camp


The safety of your son during his travel to and from camp is very important to us. Coordinating travel plans is one of the most important jobs that we will do all summer. Parents make all travel arrangements to and from camp. Camp Chippewa provides a chartered bus to and from camp and the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport on session start and end dates; this is included in the camp tuition. Rest assured that campers will be carefully supervised by our staff during travel days. Once your son’s travel plans are set, complete the Travel form in your CampInTouch account (accessible upon application).

Your son may travel by plane, bus or car.


Camp Chippewa works with Travel One of Minneapolis (800-245-1111) to help parents find discounted rates and seating with other boys coming to camp. If you choose to use your own travel agent, please ensure your son’s arrival and departure are within our specified times as stated in the Parent Handbook. Travel One is aware of our time windows and can advise you on flights that fit our schedule. If you cannot find flights to fit our schedule, please call the camp office (218-335-8807) prior to making your flight reservations.

Upon arrival, a Chippewa counselor wearing a Camp Chippewa Staff T-shirt will meet your son at his gate. The same is true for your son’s departure at the end of the session. A chartered bus will transport the campers to and from camp. The cost of the bus is included in the camp tuition.

Campers that are 14 years old or younger must fly as Unaccompanied Minors (UM). Though we realize that this service adds an extra cost, the safety and security of your son is ensured by this service. Each airline has a different policy regarding UM. Please ask your agent for details.


Camp Chippewa provides bus transportation to and from camp and the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport on session start and end dates. The campers will be under the supervision of the Chippewa staff during the bus trip. Drop-off and pick-up times are in the Parent Handbook.


We are proud of Chippewa and we welcome parents who wish to drop off or pick up their son at camp. If you are trying to decide whether to pick up or drop off your son, we recommend picking him up after camp. We find two benefits to this. First, by taking the bus, he will meet other campers and our staff and the excitement of going to camp begins. Second, when you pick him up at camp, he will have had a full summer’s worth of stories and can show you around his camp. Directions are available on the Contact page of our website or by calling the camp office. Accommodations recommendations in nearby Walker or Bemidji are provided in the Parent Handbook.


A Packing List for clothing and equipment is provided upon enrollment. All items must fit into two bags and one carry-on backpack. Soft, large duffel bags work best and a carry-on backpack should be packed with one change of clothes, a swimsuit and any medications your son takes just in case his baggage is delayed. Please do not use trunks or footlockers. Laundry is done every week and is included in the camp tuition.

The boys sleep on cots while at camp. Please pack sheets, blankets and a pillow. Cot-sized sheets work best and are available through Campmor and other retailers, as do small fleece or wool blankets. Sleeping bags are only used on out-of-camp trips. Since every boy will be on a canoe trip and many will go to Canada, a quality sleeping bag is an important item. A camp gear buying guide is available for download in your CampInTouch account upon application.

In preparing to pack for camp, the single most important task is to label or mark every item of clothing and equipment, down to each sock and shoe, with your son’s name or initials. This will help prevent the loss of any clothing or equipment and help us to find the owner of lost items or laundry. Camp is a great place to wear out old clothes.

Camp Chippewa is technology free. Do not send cell phones or personal electronic devices. If campers bring these items with them for their flight, they will be collected and stored securely upon arrival at camp. A camera is fun to have at camp and on trips but cannot be used if it is a part of a cell phone.


The health and safety of each camper is our primary responsibility while the boys are at camp. The camp program encourages good hygiene, from morning inspection of the cabins, to washing hands before each meal, to regular bathing. Meals are nutritious and each boy will be encouraged to try any foods presented during meals.

In preparation for arrival at camp, every camper must have a health history completed by his parent/legal guardian within the last 6 months and a physical examination by a licensed doctor within the last 12 months. The health forms are accessible in your CampInTouch Account upon application. If your son takes medication, or has environmental or dietary allergies, these must be detailed in the Health History form. The health forms will be reviewed by the camp doctor or nurse. The information is kept confidential unless medical conditions necessitate notification of the Chippewa staff.

The camp Health Center is typically a quiet place. Upon arrival at camp, each boy will be checked by the camp doctor or nurse. The Health Center is open before lunch and the camp doctor or nurse is available after every meal. The Health Center is always available for an emergency and all staff are trained in emergency procedures. Chippewa staff are trained in basic first aid, CPR, and are lifeguard certified. Many have been trained in Wilderness First Aid. The camp doctor or nurse is always on duty while at camp for responding to any emergencies as well. In the event of serious illness or emergency beyond the expertise of Chippewa staff, care will be sought at the Urgent Care Center in nearby Bemidji 20 miles away. Ambulance and First Responder service will also respond promptly to camp.

The camp doctor or nurse will distribute any regular medications during “Club Med,” which occurs just after each meal. At no time will the camper be allowed to keep medication in his cabin. While out of camp, the lead counselor will be trained and be responsible for distribution of any medications.

If you are concerned about homesickness, know that it is not an unusual situation, even among returning campers. We will handle it with an understanding approach that stems from years of experience. We ask that you talk to your son, letting him know that a telephone call is not a solution and usually makes matters worse. Unfortunately, camper calls cannot be made nor accepted, birthdays being the exception. Trust us and know that our active program and dedicated staff will make your son feel at home at Chippewa.

Learn more or contact us with questions

Whether or not this is the first time you are considering sending your son to summer camp, we know you have questions. Here are links to items that our campers’ parents ask about on a consistent basis:

We also welcome you to contact us at any time as you are making your decision or preparing your son for arrival at our Cass Lake, Minnesota, summer camp.