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The Importance of Being a Counselor

Whether you are new to Chippewa or a past camper, what you bring to camp can be summed up in one word—empathy. Think back to a time when a teacher, mentor or coach helped you, guided you, instructed you, challenged you to overcoming seemingly impossible odds. Or, were they there for you when things did not go as planned? The key to successful counseling is connecting with your campers. Building relationships takes time, patience and empathy. How will you do that? By spending time with them—reading to your campers after taps and lights out. Through teaching the activities whether it is sailing, fencing, canoeing, soccer, or archery. You are enabling boys to feel good about themselves because they have begun to master a skill. That is called self-confidence and it only comes from the self—it is not given. Chippewa does not look for one kind of man to be a counselor. We are looking for those who wish to share their time, knowledge, and passions. You make it happen—it is a high risk, high reward endeavor. Thank you for giving of your time to guide boys on the road to adulthood. Teaching, counseling, connection with campers is one of the most important things you can do. Shine a bright light on your campers and you will have shown empathy in action.

Staff Training

Prior to the camp season, counselors will participate in an eight-day training session. Our training will help to prepare you for a summer of working as a team with our campers by thoroughly covering subjects like teaching, homesickness, cabin management, and emotional development of campers. In addition, it offers a fun time to learn camp traditions, develop your teaching and program skills and build camaraderie with your fellow staff. You will also have plenty of time to play, too! We’ll camp out, play tennis, swim, paddle and just about everything else you can think of. This is camp, after all!

Prior to arrival at camp, it is important that you consider time to earn your lifeguarding or wilderness first aid certifications. Each summer, all of our counselors are lifeguard certified and many have advanced certifications. For your convenience, we often offer these courses before staff training begins. Contact the camp director if you are interested in joining us. If you complete the course prior to arriving at camp, you may be eligible for reimbursement.

2019 Dates

June 4th-June 9th
Lifeguard, Wilderness & First Aid Training

June 9th-June 17th
Staff Orientation

June 18th
Campers Arrive

July 15th
Bemidji Day

August 11th
Campers Depart

August 12th
Staff Depart


Benefits of joining Camp Chippewa

Camp Chippewa’s salaries are competitive with similar camps. We believe strongly in rewarding quality staff with higher salaries. Our salaries are structured to provide a base salary along with an end-of-season bonus for successful completion of the summer. Base salaries are determined by years of experience, skills, certifications, age, and leadership traits. We also provide incentives for acquiring certifications in water sports, first aid and whitewater training prior to coming to camp.

We take pride in our small, team-oriented work environment that provides thoughtful and useful feedback to help provide an exciting and rewarding summer. In addition to your salary, you will be provided all meals while at camp and on camp trips, your laundry will be done weekly and you will have access to medical care, if needed. Each of these benefits is provided at no charge.

For more information and details on the benefits, please contact the camp director.

Preparing for Camp Chippewa


Travel to and from camp is your responsibility. Whenever possible, we recommend that you bring your own vehicle to camp. While camp cannot assume any liability of your vehicle, it is a welcome resource to have at camp during your time off.

For those who will not be driving to camp, we provide transportation from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport prior to Staff Orientation. Plan to arrive before 1:00pm so that we can make it to camp at a reasonable hour to begin orientation. On leaving camp, please make sure that your flight departs from Minneapolis after 5:00pm in the evening to allow ample time to arrive in Minneapolis in time to catch your flight.

We also provide transportation to or from the Bemidji, Minnesota airport (just 30 minutes from camp) at any time.

Please contact the program director with help in arranging your travel.

Once your travel plans are made, log in to your CampInTouch account to complete and submit the Staff Travel Form, which is due by May 31st.


Log in to your CampInTouch Account to download your Pre-Camp Staff Guide which will provide a packing list, a counselor checklist and information to help make your summer a successful one.


The health and safety of the campers and staff is our priority. All of the information you provide is strictly confidential. You will be asked to provide a Health History (completed by you) and a Physical Exam form (completed by a doctor). If you have recently had a physical, most physicians will complete the form without the need of an additional office visit. It is important that all of your vaccinations, including MMR and Tetanus, are up to date.

These forms are required by the ACA, our insurance company and the state of Minnesota to help ensure proper health and safety at camp.

Log in to your CampInTouch Account to complete the Health History form and download other health forms.


Thanks for your interest in joining Camp Chippewa’s Staff. If you are interested in applying, start your application now. If you have questions, please contact us.

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